BioInterfaces (SIG)

Timeslot: Wednesday, April 27, 2022 - 1:00pm to 2:30pm
Room: Kent A-C, 4th Floor


The junction between materials and biological systems is a critical and complex interface with the potential to control the function of macromolecules and dictate cell and tissue responses. Increasingly, cells and biomacromolecules are designable components of biomaterials, creating additional opportunities for innovative research at the interface of materials science and fundamental biology. This session serves as a forum for advances in approaches to modulate interfacial properties, investigations of structure-function and self-assembly at biointerfaces, and applications of interface-driven biomedicine. We also encourage contributions that advance a biomaterials lens to cutting-edge research in protein and cell biology, and research that translates progress in molecular and cell biology into innovative biomaterials.


Abstracts will be available for download on April 27, 2022.

  • 1:00:00 PM 7. INVITED SPEAKER: Xiao Huang, PhD, University of California, San Francisco, Biointerfaces SIG Rising Star Award recipient

  • 1:15:00 PM 8. Combining Raman Spectroscopy and 3D Printing to Replicate the Enthesis Region Towards ACL Reconstruction, Nilabh Kajave*, Trevor Schmitt, Vipuil Kishore; Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, FL, USA

  • 1:30:00 PM 9. Submicron Topography De- sign for Controlling Bacte- rial Adhesion and Biofilm Formation, Christopher Siedlecki, Ph.D.*, Lichong Xu, Ph.D.; Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine, Hershey, PA, USA

  • 1:45:00 PM 10.Tuning the interfacial properties of fluorous colloids towards ultrasound programmable bioactivity., Atip Lawanprasert, B.S.*, Alda Chau, Janna Halloran, PhD, Sean Hannifin, Scott Medina, PhD, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA, USA

  • 2:00:00 PM 11. Muscle-Nerve Interaction Differentially Alters Extracellular Matrix Remodeling between Two Models of Paralysis, James Redden(1)*, Jingyao Deng(1), Joshua Cohen, PhD(1), Lucas Olson(1), Barbara Boyan, PhD(1,2), Zvi Schwartz, PhD(1,3), Michael McClure, PhD(1); (1)Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA, USA (2)Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA, USA (3)University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, San Antonio, TX, USA

  • 2:15:00 PM 12. Biodegradable Gelatin-based Edible Electronics to Diagnose Eosinophilic Esophagitis, Gaurav Balakrishnan*, Julie Shin Kim, Mia Ritter, Durva Naik, Spencer Matonis, Aditya Khair, Christopher Bettinger, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Invited Speaker(s)