Dr. David Grainger

The University of Utah



David W. Grainger is a University Distinguished Professor and Department Chair of Biomedical Engineering, and Distinguished Professor of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the University of Utah, USA. Grainger’s research focuses on improving drug delivery methods, implanted medical device and clinical diagnostics performance, and nanomaterials toxicity. Grainger has published >220 research papers and >30 book chapters on biomaterials innovation in medicine and biotechnology, and novel surface and diagnostics chemistry. His research awards include a 2016 Fulbright Scholar Award (New Zealand), the 2013 Excellence in Surface Science Award (Surfaces in Biomaterials Foundation), the 2007 Clemson Award for Basic Research (Society for Biomaterials), and the 2005 American Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturer’s Association’s award for “Excellence in Pharmaceutics”. Grainger also has received several prominent university teaching and mentoring recognitions, as well as the 2019 Daniels Fund Award for Education in Research Ethics and 2020 International Award from the European Society for Biomaterials. He has served as Chair of several prominent USA research review panels and on the National Institutes of Health NIBIB Council. He serves on editorial boards for 6 major journals, past handling editor for the journal, Biomaterials, for over two decades, and a special topics editor for Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews. He has co-organized 33 major international symposia. Grainger is recognized with numerous prominent university teaching awards and has provided nearly 400 invited lectures and outreach workshops globally. He provides leadership in official Scientific Advisory Board roles on several international medical technology research consortia and global research foundations. He consults widely for the biomedical device and pharmaceutical industry and has been a principal in 6 biotech start-ups, with successful commercialization efforts and marketed FDA-approved medtech products. Grainger continues to emphasize translational approaches to clinical biomaterials, and validation of clinical effectiveness in implants and drug delivery systems for value-based medicine.