G Lawrence Thatcher

TESco Associates, Inc.



G. Lawrence Thatcher is the founder of TESco Associates, Inc. with more than 42 years in the medical device industry, focusing on bioabsorbable polymer processing and the development of toughened bioabsorbable systems and bioabsorbable composites. He has been active in the material selection and development of absorbable medical devices from concept to clinical use since 1986 and was recognized by MDDI as one of a hundred notables in the medical device industry in June 2008. He taught eight years at the University of Massachusetts at Lowell and has served ISO on a technical committee for Absorbables. He is currently serving ASTM on a writing group for a new “Guide for the Identification of Risks Associated with the Manufacturing and Use of Absorbable Polymer Based Implants”. He is the inventor /co-inventor of several medical device and absorbable material patents. Some of his publications include “OrbusNeich fully absorbable coronary stent platform incorporating dual partitioned coatings” in Euro Intervention, contributing author to Polymers for Vascular and Urogenital Applications published by CRC Press, and Degradable Polymers for Skeletal Implants published by Nova Science. A couple of his most recent invited presentations were “Roles of Ceramics and Bioglasses in Absorbable Polymer Composites” at the Joint JSB/SFB Symposium-Hawaii, and “Absorbable Product Realization and the Role of Standards” to ASTM’s Committee F04 Medical and Surgical Materials and Devices.