Natalie Artzi

Harvard University

Assistant Professor


Dr. Artzi is an Assistant Professor of Medicine at Harvard medical School. She is a Principal Research Scientist at MIT and an Associate Member of the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT. She completed her postdoctoral studies at MIT focusing on studying tissue:biomaterial interactions and designing smart biomaterials for therapy and diagnosis applications. Dr. Artzi is the recipient of multiple grants and awards, including the Inaugural Kabiller Rising Star in Nanotechnology and Nanomedicine, the One Brave Idea award, Stepping Strong Innovator Award and Breakthrough Award, Controlled Release Society Young Investigator Award, Mid-Career Award from the Society for Biomaterials, Bright Futures Prize, and the Massachusetts Life Science Center for women entrepreneurs. Currently, Dr. Artzi directs multiple research venues aiming to integrate science, engineering and medicine to rationally design personalized materials to improve human health, and has co-founded a startup company, BioDevek, which develops the next-generation biomaterials to improve outcomes following internal surgeries.